Inner Voice

You hold all the wisdom and truth that you need within you. This is your intuition, your inner voice. This is the place inside you that feels safe, that is pure love.

Most people know the sensation of intuition. That ’gut feel’. But we might not always follow it. Sometimes we even work really hard to silence it.

In an Inner Voice session, we allocated plenty of time to allow you to feel safe and re-connect with your intuition. It’s not hypnosis and it’s not pure meditation. It’s giving your inner voice space to communicate, while letting the active, problem-solving mind rest for a bit.

I’m a certified Inner Voice Facilitator by Jess Lively and I can create a safe environment for you to slow down and listen inwards.

We hold the session over Zoom and will allow 2 hours for you to really have the time to connect to your inner voice. I will record the session so that you can listen to it afterwards.

What if I don’t hear anything?
Your inner voice might communicate in different ways to you. Some people hear words, others see images or feel sensations. I’m here to guide you through these various ways of communicating, and helping you strengthen you connection with your inner voice.

How much does it cost?
You find my offers here.

How can I pay?
Payment methods will vary depending on the country you live in. If you are UK based, I’ll give you my UK bank account details. If you are based in Europe or the US, you can pay me using PayPal. If you are based in Sweden, you can use Swish.

I’m not sure this is for me
Listen inwards, follow your intuition. If you feel that your intuition is telling you to book a session, please go ahead and contact me on