Life can get busy. Time to slow down and listen inwards.

How do you want to live your life? How can you focus more on the things you enjoy and give you energy? What is important to you? Is there really enough time?  Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of self to motherhood?

My name is Elisabeth and I’ve got  20 years of work experience from both the corporate and Start-Up world. During those years, I have managed to change direction of my career numerous times, as my interest and life priorities shift, spanning countries and sectors. (You can read my career story here.) I’m an economist by trade, have studied career counselling and am an Inner Voice Facilitator. 

I have also struggled with feelings of lost identity, as I became a mother. And have consciously worked hard (and experimented a lot!) around decreasing my own stress levels.

I can work with you to help you design the kind of life you want to live. Re-discover joy. We do that by unravelling what’s really important to you and identifying what’s standing in your way, to live the life you want. We can use Inner Voice Facilitation to strengthen your connection with your intuition. You find my offers here.

Send me an email to and we’ll find a 15 min spot for an initial chat around your hopes and needs. I work primarily in the European timezone.

“Elisabeth has a big heart and is a very caring and nurturing Inner Voice facilitator. She guides you through the session with great compassion and love, and holds the space for you beautifully. I definitely recommend a session with her!” – Pavlina